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Fed Up French Father Accidentally Cuts Entire Town’s Internet

A petite mistake with big consequences.

A desperate Dad who wanted to get his kids off social media is now facing an enormous fine and potential jail time thanks to what he thought was a nifty solution to a big household problem.

Phones and teenagers. You cannot pry them from their strong, youth filled grip. And when this father had enough, he resorted to what he thought was the only solution to get his kids off the internet between midnight and 3 a.m. – an internet scrambler to block all Wi-Fi and phone signals in his house. Genius. Sort of.

Unfortunately, what he didn’t realise was this thing was way more powerful than just his household, and in fact the entire town of Messanges, population 1,000 soon found they also weren’t allowed onto the internet. Even other nearby towns did too.

When locals reported the outages, service providers then found themselves in the position of having to escalate the complaints to the French Government’s National Frequency Agency, who then used their own technology to detect where the scrambler was coming from – an angry father’s house.

Unfortunately for the French father, he’s now guilty knocking out communications and is facing a six-month jail sentence and €30,000 fine.

This is probably a bad time to suggest the kids could just put their phones into a box at night instead of letting them go to bed with them. Meanwhile his kids will be free to scroll night after night. Who needs sleep anyway.