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Father Uses Hack To ‘Breast Feed’ His Baby

A husband has 'breastfed' his baby using a bottle, a t-shirt hole, and a photo of his wife.

Rania Mavromara, 26, who lives in London with her family, discovered her husband Irvin, 24, trying to feed Celine, her 11-month-old daughter in a rather unique way.

Thankfully for us, Rania who probably had her hands free for the first time in 11 months decided to film the encounter.

Irvin appears to be breastfeeding Celine in the video now going viral. Not that you would know it is Irvin because he is holding a photo of his wife’s face over his own. After watching the video for another moment, you realize what you’re actually looking at is not breastfeeding but a bottle poking through a hole in his shirt.

Essentially this husband recreated his wife for feeding purposes.

Apparently, the baby had been unwilling to drink from the bottle, so Irvin decided to try out this ‘hack’ he found online.

Amazingly, it worked. Irvin successfully got his daughter to feed from the bottle by cutting a hole in his shirt, poking through a bottle and holding a picture of his wife’s head over his own.

‘Our daughter has been having some separation anxiety lately and she is only comforted when I hold her and feed her and so we tried using my picture so that I could have a minute to myself,' Rania explained.

The baby might be wondering if mum is feeling a little under the weather, she looks rather grey in the black and white print out choice.

They say there is nobody in the world like your mother but turns out but perhaps there is and that’s a Canon printer.

'I was pleased and sad at the same time that I was replaced by a picture of me but that gave me some time to do some chores around the house,’ Rania stated.

The chore was probably cutting holes in all her husband’s shirts.

Rania said that Irvan had seen something similar a while back in a dads' group on Facebook and thought of trying it out.

'I found it hilarious!'

You know a mum is feeling a little more rested when she has energy to laugh.