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Father-To-Be Brings His Full Gaming Set-Up To Hospital While His Wife Gives Birth

There is only so much hand-holding you can do for 21-hours while your boo gives birth to your child.

A father-to-be has been shamed by his partner on TikTok. 

TikTok user Amberscxtt shared the video, where her partner is sitting in front of his full video game set up, including headsets, while she was giving birth to their child. 

In the video, AmberScxtt says; ''My boyfriend brought his entire gaming system to the hospital during my 21-hour long induction,” 

No doubt losing a few Dad-points in the game of life, the video has at least racked up over 1.6million views. 

Amber has stated in the comments that she wasn’t in any pain until the 19-hour mark of the birth and that she watched movies until it was time to push.   

Among the over 3000 comments, viewers have said “Another reason why to get a boyfriend who isn’t obsessed with gaming.   

“At least he was there,” another wrote.   

With another calling out, “Not even two players?”  

“For those who haven’t had kids, the dads literally sit there the whole time with nothing to do up until the delivery”, one viewer pointed out.   

From the looks of Amber’s TikTok, baby Snoh arrived happily and will make a fine gamer just like their dad.