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5 Handy Tips For Your Fake Commute While Working From Home

COVID shutdowns have forced many Australians into working from home for the past six months; or is it six years? What is time now anyway?

While restrictions continue to lift in most states, many companies have decided to stick with employees doing some, if not all their work from home.

This may ensure a safer transition into a post-COVID workplace, but how are we supposed to get into that work head space if we are always at home?

A growing trend in ‘fake commutes’ is how some Aussies are dealing with their new WFH transition. The idea is you get up, get dressed, jump in the car (I assume pull up behind a parked car and beep your horn at the “bank up”), pull out and continue to drive around for 10 minutes, finally you come home or “get to work” and get going on your tasks for the day.

Of course, those doing the fake commute seem to all have cars or bikes. Absolutely no one is getting onto public transport and sitting next to a m masked stranger to clear their mind.

It might seem ridiculous but there is some merit to it. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Clinical psychologist Jo Mitchell, co-founder of Melbourne's The Mind Room centre, states that, "It's a physical pause in the day. That's the benefit we're missing."

Dr Mitchel encourages people to consider how they can develop their own fake commute now that the novelty of being able to roll from bed to work has worn off.

This got us thinking – how else could we fake those office pastimes, helping us gain that workplace focus? Here are some tips to fake that office lifestyle:

Workplace Kitchen

If the only available kitchen to you does not gross you out, are you even at work?

We suggest letting the weekend dishes pile up so that when you go to make your lunch on Monday you find there is no butter knife available. Keep a spare in your desk, the one you hide from your lazy, foul co-workers (which is now you!).

We also recommend throwing away zero takeaway leftovers.

You want to almost pass out from the stench of the fridge being opened. This unhygienic, nausea inducing atmosphere will force you to want to get out and back to your work as quick as possible.

Water Fountain

That gurgle of the water fountain can be the perfect soundscape for your focus. All good if you don’t want to invest in one, as they can be pricey and who wants to be the one to replace the container anyway? Make do with a bucket of water and about 10 straws you’ve connected, so that it reaches you at your desk. Give the straw a blow whenever you need to hear those calming bubbles. Oh, and ask a mirror nearby what's on for the weekend.

Avoiding Someone

Remember getting trapped by a co-worker talking about the health (mental and spiritual not just physical, ya know?) benefits of doing four spin classes in a row? Having to say you were flat out and had no time to chat meant that you would actually work “to look busy”. You can still achieve this.

Simply buy a box set of Gilmore Girls and turn up the volume whenever you feel a lull coming on. Don’t let yourself turn it back down until you’re back into a workflow. You're going to be writing more words a second than those Gilmore's can speak.

Workplace Bathroom

This one is easy. Buy some very cheap toilet paper. Use it, but not all of it; throw about half on the floor.

Not sure how this really adds to your WFH focus. Only do this one if you truly do not like yourself.

Friday Drinks

Friday drinks always lifts spirits, so why not have them on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Who’s going to stop you?

Please don’t fake commute home after real drinking.