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Facebook Employees Are Now Called ‘Metamates’ In This New Metaverse

The rebrand of Facebook is well underway, with Mark Zuckerberg revealing the new name for company employees.

The Verge reported Zuckerberg announced employees would be called ‘Metamates’, in an all-hands meeting recently.

The meeting included “the company’s updated values”, as Zuckerberg made sure employees understood what the rebranded social media company was about.

The new values at Meta are all about working together and include ‘Meta, Metamates, me’.

Instead of Facebook’s ‘move fast’ value, it is now ‘move fast together’.

‘Be bold’ has changed to ‘build awesome things', and ‘be open” is now written as ‘live in the future’.

‘Focus on the long term impact”’ is the newest value-added to Meta’s repertoire.