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Ex-Burglars Share What Social Posts Help Them Steal

Don’t you hate it when your hype house gets robbed?

British security retailers safe.co.uk have collab’d with ex-burglars and victims to find out which social media posts are more likely to put you at risk of break in. And with only a quarter of UK social media user accounts set on private, it makes it pretty easy to case the joint.

The first nefarious social media activity you need to drop is geo-tagging and check-ins. Tagging where you are in real time, or having friends tagging you at places, is a great way for burgs to see if you’re currently at home or not, and just how far you are. It really makes you question if the group pic at the local hotdog eating competition worth the clout.

Next up is the #Holiday post. Even telling people you’re at the #airport is a great way to have your home #robbed. And don’t even get me started when I read that people post #boardingpass pics with their sensitive information on them. Even worse, a pic of the old #passport. I mean, that puppy is worth 60 points of ID. What are you thinking!

Even just living your big best blessed life on the gram is a great way to indicate what your lifestyle level is and what products you’re keeping knocking around your house. You may take my Nutribullet, but you will never take my freedom.

Here’s maybe the biggest tip - Do not post your keys.

Apparently it’s very easy to make a copy of your keys from a picture. Do. Not. Post. Your. Boring. Keys. Stop. Jangling. Them. In. Front. Of. People.

So that’s the long and short of what not to do. Moving forward, according to safe.co.uk here are the five essential rules to protect yourself on social media.

  1. Set to private and target your posts to friends only (and hope you don’t have dodgy friends).
  2. Decline random friend requests. Don’t know em? Don’t let em in.
  3. Turn off GPS tracking and don’t tag yourself at locations.
  4. Post pics later on, not at the time you are somewhere.
  5. Framing is everything – keep it close. When there’s just a small part of a thing, it’s kind of hard to determine what it is exactly. Don’t give an indication of your property layout either. Stay mysterious and cryptic.

There you have it. Now if you excuse me I have some serious social media moderating to do of my own accounts.