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Everyone Is Seeing The Hidden Numbers In This Optical Illusional Differently

Could these hidden numbers help you pick the lottery numbers? The answer, is no. But it’s still fun.

Every now and then, an optical illusion will take the internet by storm. Like the mystery of the fourth hand, or the 'is it a dog or clown' photo. This week is a little more of a numbers game.

Twitter user @benonwine, has posted an illusion of a simple, zig zaggy black and white circle. If you look carefully at the centre of the circle, you'll see some numbers appear. The centre three numbers stand out a little more, but readers are seeing between three and seven numbers.

In the tweet, Ben asks, "Do you see a number? If so, what number?". What a better way to divide the internet than with a basic question and optical illusion.

To quote the famous @benonwine, "Do you see a number? If so, what number?"

Ok, now for those who are still reading… Here is how to cheat! Just make the image smaller, and it’s way clearer!

The numbers are obviously 3452839… Or are they?!