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Every Aussie Is About To Get A New Bin To Forget To Take Out

Green-lidded Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bins are slowly being rolled out over the country in an effort to reduce the amount of avoidable waste heading to landfills.

It is estimated that Australian families throw out $3500 worth of food a year, and it all heads straight to landfill, according to the ABC's War On Waste.

The Federal Government has committed to providing all households in Australia with a FOGO bin by 2023. But local councils being slow on the uptake has meant the rollout is taking its time.


Only 43 out of the state’s 128 local councils have an option to have a FOGO bin. About 15,000 houses in the City of Sydney are also currently trialling a maroon-coloured bin for food scraps.


Victoria households already have access to FOGO bins, with many residents also having the option of a purple-lid bin for glass-only items. This option is available in 13 councils at the moment and will be statewide by 2030.


A one-year trial is underway for three local councils of the FOGO bins. A report is expected in 2023, but there are no plans for the bins to be available elsewhere in the state at this moment. South Australia South Australia is ahead of the game with a plan to stop sending avoidable waste to landfills by 2030. Three bin options, including a FOGO bin for food scraps, paper and garden waste, are available. Tasmania Local councils are rolling out new FOGO bins to replace bins that have been available for garden scraps.


Those in the ACT can purchase a green-lid bin for $50 for garden organics. But those in four areas will be receiving FOGO bins for garden and food scraps this month.


West Australians can choose from three different bin options. The two-bin option has waste and recycling bins, while a third bin can be added for garden scraps or a FOGO bin.


The Northern Territory only has two bin options, a red lid for waste and a yellow lid for recycling.