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Ever Wanted To Own A Village And A Ghost?

A haunted village is up for sale in Scotland.

Buying property is a huge life decision and you need to take the time to assess whether it’s right for you. Ask yourself if this where you see yourself settling down? Is this where you’d like to raise a family? Are you ready for that sort of commitment? Do you think you’d be able to take care of a ghost? All of the big questions that come with purchasing a piece of land.

The Old Village of Lawers, on the north shore of Loch Tay in Perthshire, Scotland (and no we did not just make up most of those words) is up for sale. You get an old village, a native wood, trout fishing rights, your very own private beach, and the ghost of the last owner.

The Lady of Lawers is said to haunt the property. Her spirit roams the grounds, probably wandering around seeing whether you’re taking advantage of those trout fishing rights or not.

The special thing about The Lady of Lawers – which sounds like an old timey way to describe a female lawyer – is that when she was alive she was prone to making predictions. Apparently, according to local legend, she predicted a ‘ship driven by smoke’ long before they invented steamships, and also described a ‘fire-coach’ before trains came along. You won’t be haunted by any old ghost, you get to be haunted by a know-it-all ghost.

Think about whether a ghost is something you want to commit yourself to when you purchase the 3.31 acres of land for the low price of $230,000 Aussie dollars. Sure, you get to live with a dead lady who once predicted the future but you also get an old mill and a kiln as well, although it’s doubtful anybody’s going to be asking you about that kiln at dinner parties.