Environmentalist Breaks Tree Hugging World Record After Embracing 1,123 Trees

An environmentalist has broken the world record for tree-hugging after he hugged 1,123 trees in 60 minutes.

A Ghanaian man named Abubakar Tahiru, who studies forestry in Alabama, set a world record for the most trees hugged in an hour when he hugged 1,123 trees at Tuskegee National Forest.

The rules were that both of his arms had to be wrapped around each tree and that no tree could be embraced twice. And no kissing. 

Averaging 19 trees per minute, Tahiru easily beat the previous best of 700 trees to establish a new world record.

It’s said that the record raises awareness of the importance of trees and environmental conservation which is spot on because up until now, I didn’t even know what trees were, let alone how important they might be to the environment. 

“It’s important to me to inspire the youth in Ghana, especially those from less privileged communities like the one I grew up in, showing them that it’s possible to rise above challenges and make a significant impact,” Tahiru told the New York Post. 

“Achieving this world record feels incredibly rewarding,” he added. 

“It’s a meaningful gesture to highlight the crucial role of trees in our ecosystem and the urgency of environmental conservation.”