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Elvis Presley's Jockstrap Is For Sale

The rhinestone covered undergarment is going on sale for over $56,000.

Did you ever want to own a piece of Elvis memorabilia? Well don’t get your knickers in a knot, because you can get a pair of new ones! That’s right, underwear that is said to have been worn by Elvis Presley is up for sale.

However, they’re not any kind of boring briefs, it’s a rhinestone covered jockstrap. We all knew he was the King of Rock, but turns out he was the King of Rocks!

The jockstrap was made by a super creepy Elvis fan, and given to the singer at the peak of his fame. It is now for sale by Paul Fraser Collectibles for almost $56,000 AUD. It’s perfect for anybody who still has money left over after toilet paper panic-buying.

Manager of Paul Fraser Collectibles, Daniel Wade said, "I’m sure the new owner won’t be able to resist wearing it out on a Saturday night. The Elvis magic will work wonders, I’m certain.” Because there’s nothing more magical than gyrating in second-hand underwear.

The auction is also including other celebrity memorabilia, such as a lock of Marilyn Monroe’s hair from 1962, which is going for over $460,000 AUD.

If you’d like to purchase the jockstrap, then you’ll need to have a little less conversation, and a little more bidding! And if the jockstrap doesn’t sell at auction, well at least we finally know where Kings keep their crown jewels.