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Elon Musk Warns Life On Mars Will Be ‘Difficult’ and ‘Hard Work’

How do you get a whole planet to yourself? Tell potential residents it will be ‘hard work’.

If you plan to move to Mars in the initial first settlements, be warned. Elon Musk, who is the leading proponent of human exploration to Mars, says the lifestyle will not be luxurious. It won’t be lux, safe or fun.   

In fact, the conditions will be rather unsafe, dangerous, and cramped… To name a few of the selling points. Musk gave the warning while detailing efforts by Space X to develop a reusable “Starship”, capable of transporting dozens of people to Mars.   

“It’s very important to emphasize that Mars, especially in the beginning, will not be luxurious. It will be dangerous, cramped, difficult, hard work,” Musk said during a recent interview with the head of TED conferences, Chris Anderson.  

“The sales pitch for going to Mars is, ‘it’s dangerous, it’s cramped, you might not make it back. It’s difficult; it’s hard work.’ That’s the sales pitch. But it’ll be glorious,” Musk added.  

Testing has already begun for the 400-foot “Starship” rocket, along with a launchpad in Florida capable of accommodating the massive ship. Musk says it’s looking ‘promising’ for Space X to attempt its first orbital launch of the shuttle ‘in a few months’.  

“The joke I make all the time is excitement is guaranteed. Success is not guaranteed, but excitement certainly is,” Musk said.  

Musk predicts that humanity will reach Mars within the next 10 years, but for us to have a functioning colony would be a lot longer.  

“I think this is important for maximizing the probable lifespan of humanity or consciousness,” Musk said. “Human civilization could come to an end for external reasons like a giant meteor or super volcanoes or extreme climate change or World War III, or you know, any one of a number of reasons.”