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Elon Musk States ‘Fun Police’ Ruined The Tesla Fart Noise Feature

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, took a dig at safety regulators on Saturday night, calling them “the fun police.” after they forced the latest ‘safety recall’ of 578,607 vehicles.

Tesla’s “Boombox” feature has been subject to viral videos and loved by users, as it allows users to set custom horn sounds or choose from a range of sounds from Tesla, including a goat fart.

Last week, the NHTSA ruled that it violates US safety laws requiring electric vehicles to emit pedestrian warning sounds.

“What was the rationale behind the BoomBox recall?” one Twitter user asked Musk on Saturday.

“The fun police made us do it (sigh),” Musk replied.

In a filing with NHTSA this week, Tesla argued that Boombox could “enhance the conspicuity of the vehicle to pedestrians.” - In other words, they believe the fart noise could be more noticeable than the car’s default warning noise to pedestrians.

Tesla agreed to block Boombox when in reverse, forward, or neutral.