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Elon Musk Helps Out NSW Floods After Mick Fanning’s Call For Help

Elon Musk lends a hand with Starlink satellite internet services

Pro Surfer Mick Fanning reached out to Tesla CEO Elon Musko on Twitter on Sunday to seek out assistance & get help with communications solutions for those affected by the flood. Currently, many affected by the flood disaster in NSW have no means of communication.

NetVault, a specialist telecommunications services provider, who partnered with Starlink last year, came to the rescue following the call out. The company will donate 10 Starlink Rapid Deployment Kits worth about $10,000 each. Starlink uses advanced satellites in a low orbit, providing high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe.

The skits will have the new Starlink roaming feature enabled. This means the service is portable, & the Starlink units can be moved to other flood-ravaged locations easily. NetVault advised they were in talks with SpaceX to get more Starlink terminals to help people in Lismore and Bryon areas.

Mick Fanning has been on the ground in NSW helping residents affected by the floods; we spoke to him last week. Watch below.