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Eight-Year-Old Boy Realises His Dream By Sneaking His Book Onto Library Shelf

A second-grader from Idaho, Dillon Helbig wrote an 81-page book about his "Crismis" adventures & then snuck it onto his local library's shelf.

To Helbig's surprise, the librarians loved it

The 8-year-old boy wrote a book that he wanted everyone to read during his Christmas break.

Spending a whopping four days on it, he filled 81 pages of a blank journal with a richly illustrated tale about how he gets transported back in time after a star atop his Christmas tree exploded. 

Helbig decided that he wanted others to read his story despite not having a book deal. 

So when his grandmother took him to the Ada Community Library in Boise at the end of December, he saw his opportunity and slipped the sole copy of his book onto a shelf containing fiction titles.

When asked how he managed to get his book onto the shelf, Helbig told reporters, "I had to sneak past the librarians.''

"It was naughty-ish," he said regarding his covert addition of the book to the library shelf without permission. But the result, he added, is "pretty cool."

To Helbig’s delight, the librarians saw the book and loved it, calling it "very funny" with one librarian even reading the book to their 6-year-old son,  who giggled and said it was one of the funniest books he'd ever known. 

They made the decision, with permission, to add his book to the library's catalogue, allowing others to borrow and enjoy his story.

The book has proven so popular with other children that it has a years-long waitlist to borrow as there's only one copy around!

As such, the branch's librarian talks with Dillon's mother about possibly creating an e-book version of "The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismis" to share.