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Easter is the Second Christmas Whether We Like it or Not

Just when you thought Christmas was the most stressful and expensive time of the year, Easter has some news for you.

Christmas has always been the show-stopper for most families in Australia. It’s the one where we spend more money on people we love or tolerate, where we decorate our house with itchy and flammable decorations that are always impossible to untangle so they are thrown in the bin in a furious rage and then replaced with new ones.

The holiday where we cook massive feasts and gather in big groups to celebrate over rich foods and festive cocktails. It is the holiday that we love and hate at the same time, because whilst there are fun bits, it’s genuinely really expensive and exhausting for a lot of us.

But it only happens once a year, so we accept that we can do hard things and get on with it.

But times have changed. We have a new contender. Christmas has a little mate who now has similar demands. Welcome to the table, Easter!

Easter used to be a morning of cheap, waxy chocolate hidden in the garden, a reluctant visit to church and an afternoon of watching telly vowing to never eat sweets again.

Now, thanks to those pesky and relentless social media influencers, Easter is now exploding into another Instagramable event where we find ourselves blowing the budget on poxy Easter decorations, non-edible gifts and matching pajamas for the family. Easter used to be relatively stress-free, and now we find ourselves lumped with a second Christmas. Give us strength!

Not only have Easter decoration demands increased, but retail sales in general over Easter have increased enormously. It’s become normalised to replace chocolate eggs with toys and clothes, which is frankly disappointing for everyone involved. Kmart, Big W, Woolworths and other popular retailers are jumping on board and reaping the benefits.

Woolworths alone have experienced a 20% increase in Easter entertaining products, which is an increase of 14% in the last year.  They are stocking their shelves with Easter themed table cloths, trinkets and garden decorations, so even if we aren’t necessarily a part of an Easter celebrating family, we feel like we should be.

So who is to blame for this? Like most things in this world, it’s largely due to social media. Influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok are constantly taking advantage of any situation where they can plaster their happy, perfect lives online.

Easter has become an easy target for them.

So if you’re really into Easter and you’re loving the new wave of enthusiasm around it, congratulations! However, if you find yourself spending your hard-earned cash on plastic, glittery carrots to hang on your front door, and Easter is not something you give two hoots about, feel free to stand down.