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Dutch Farm At The Centre Of A Big Heist... Of Cheese

A heist like no other occurred last week at a Dutch dairy farm called Torenpolderkaas in the province of Noord Brabant.

The farm saw 3,500 pounds of cheese stolen from the proprietors valuing it at a whopping US$23,000. That’s a lot of wine n’ cheese nights with the girls.

It seems this criminal gang were over the whole bank hold up thing and tired of the logistical nightmare that a museum heist brings (not to mention the constant angst of looking into the painted eyes of renaissance babies). Preferring to instead put their efforts towards securing truckloads of stolen cheese that not only sells for a crapload but livens up the dullest of days when paired with a glass of pinot.

The well-organised criminals scoured the area just days before, returning with the exact equipment needed to execute the heist successfully. I’m guessing cheese knives and wooden chopping boards.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only cheese heist in history. In 2016 a gang of thieves stole more than 160,000 pounds of the delicious dairy product from multiple stores in Wisconsin state. I’m left wondering who has the kind of fridge space? Someone doesn’t live in a Brunswick share house!

According to Mashed, cheese is the MOST stolen food on earth, with 4 per cent of the world's cheese reported as stolen. The cheese business could even become our generation’s spice trade, and in years to come, I might be swapping a kilo of Meredith Valley for the new iPhone 37.

Theo Dekker is the chairman of the Association of Farm Dairy Preparers, which looks after the authenticity of cheese in the Netherlands. Dekker told the Omroep Brabant broadcaster that the incident has put into perspective the lengths that gangs go to make a bit of cash. This begs the question, are they in it for the money or are they just big fans of Gouda?