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Dust Of Your Mii And Relive Wii! Nintendo Reboots Its Sport Series on Switch.

Nintendo announces Switch Sports, the successor to Wii Sports is coming.

Are you sick of not breaking your giant TV due to video games not being as active as the old Nintendo Wii days? Well, good news! Nintendo has announced a successor to the Wii Sports series, Switch Sports.

During the February Nintendo Direct live stream on Thursday, the popular video game company announced their upcoming releases and next wave of games due this year. Featuring motion controls, the games will include bowling, chambara (sword fighting), tennis and soccer with a giant ball.

The physical edition includes a leg strap accessory, so your coffee table doesn’t miss out on the lounge room destruction.

For those Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fans, a Booster Course Pass will bring 8 new courses at a time, with a total of 48 by the end of 2023, which will consist of mainly classic courses.

Check out the full 1 hour and 40min live stream below to find out what else Nintendo has in store for 2022 and beyond.