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Drinking Three Coffees A Day Could Increase Your Lifespan, So Stick The Kettle On

Whether you're a flat white, long black, or an oat cap drinker, we Australians love our coffee. And apparently, it loves us too, offering us a lifespan boost.

There are often new studies about coffee, partly due to the beverages popularity and interest in the health benefits it offers; however, this study was conducted over a decade - showing a longitudinal result.

Conducted by academics at the Queen Mary University of London and Semmelweis University in Hungary, their findings suggest that coffee has cardiovascular benefits and does not increase blood pressure.

The study was undertaken for 11 years and suggested drinking as many as three cups of coffee a day could help you live longer.

Participants in the study were aged 56 on average and were followed for 11 years, allowing experts to analyse the differences between groups.

The findings showed regular coffee drinkers were up to 12 per cent less likely to die and up to a fifth less likely to get a cardiovascular disease or a stroke.

However, the experts found that instant coffee does not count - stating that it must be fresh, whole bean coffee to access the health benefits.

One of the academics who conducted the study asserted that "to the best of our knowledge, this is the largest volume of research to date focusing on the cardiovascular effects of coffee consumption."