Donald Trump's Former Lawyer Called Him A 'Dictator Douchebag' According To Hush Money Trial

Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has endured a grilling on the stand by the former president's legal team, as they aim to discredit his testimony in Trump's hush money trial.

In sometimes aggressive questioning on Tuesday, Trump lawyer Todd Blanche confronted Cohen about his schoolyard taunts, including calling the former president a "dictator douchebag," a "boorish cartoon misogynist" and a "Cheeto-dusted cartoon villain," and Cohen's record of dishonesty.

Cohen, who spent more than a decade working as Trump's fixer, had already answered prosecutors' questions for about nine hours on the witness stand on Monday and Tuesday.

He testified that Trump ordered him to pay adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016 to stay quiet about an alleged 2006 sexual encounter, lest it torpedo his presidential campaign, and then approved a plan to reimburse Cohen through a series of bogus invoices.

Through about two hours of cross-examination, Blanche had yet to ask Cohen about the US$130,000 (AU$196,000) payment at the heart of the case, instead combing methodically through Cohen's extensive public comments about Trump over the years to underscore his transformation from Trump loyalist to foe and his pattern of deception.

Blanche also suggested Cohen was motivated by money, revenge and notoriety rather than justice, asking Cohen about the millions of dollars he earned from two tell-all memoirs and the millions of subscribers to his frequently anti-Trump podcast.

The defence showed jurors pictures of Trump-themed merchandise for sale on Cohen's website, including mugs reading, "Send him to the big house, not the White House."

Cohen is the prosecution's star witness at Trump's historic trial, which started on April 15 and appears to be nearing an end; prosecutors told the judge on Tuesday that Cohen would be their final witness. His cross-examination will resume on Thursday, after a scheduled day off for the trial on Wednesday.

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