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Donald Trump Is Taking Himself, Plus Some Souvenirs Outta The White House

After trying really hard to extend his lease, Donald Trump is moving out of the White House.

Yep, it’s finally happening. They’ve fired up the Presidential U-Haul and are filling it with regular old things like taxidermy, and the bust of an ex-president. Not sure what he’d been using that for, but I guess it makes a great paperweight.

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has tweeted photos of some of the items being removed. They include a bust of Abraham Lincoln, a photo of Donald Trump with Chinese president, Xi Jinping and a taxidermy pheasant.

Luckily, he’s taking this stuff with him, because there’s nothing more annoying than moving into a new place to find the last tenants have left all their pheasants.

Now, they may not be everyone’s taste in décor but are probably worth quite a lot of money, so not sure the ‘chuck it under the arm and straight into the backseat method’ is best, but looks like it’s working for them so far. I guess the U-Haul trucks were already filled with bibles.

We don’t have any pics of Trump and Melania trying to move the couch out yet.

But the photos we do have pose a lot of questions, such as do the items belong to Trump? Or are they being taken out to hock on Facebook marketplace? Are they being returned to a White House storage facility where Joe Biden will get to go and have his pick of stuffed animal species?

Those questions remain unanswered, but there’s one thing we know for sure, he’s finally leaving...