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Dogs In Clothing May Been Seen As Human By Their Human

Research says if you dress your doggo in clothing, you are more likely to see it as human.

It's cute; it's adorable; it's fashion! They are our little babies & we treat them like one of the family; as such, they need to be dressed accordingly!

A recent study found that humans who buy their little friend's clothing are more likely to see their dog as a human.

But, as fun, as it is, it might not all be positive. For the dog anyway.

Responding to the research, published in the Journal of Business Research, Malcolm Morley, junior vice-president of the British Veterinary Association, said: 'Most owners consider pets a part of the family, which is great, but we should remember that pets are not fashion accessories.

'Owners should be aware that inappropriate anthropomorphism such as dressing up dogs or otherwise unnaturally changing their appearance is not only unnecessary and potentially harmful, but in some cases can also prevent pets from expressing their natural behaviours.'

Adding, 'With rare exceptions, dogs don't need to wear clothes as they already have a thick fur layer to keep them warm.

'Only dogs with thin fur such as greyhounds and whippets or older dogs may need a coat to keep them warm during winter walks.'

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