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Dog Described As 'Demonic' Finds His Forever Hell

Prancer the Chihuahua, who went viral for being vile, has been adopted.

A couple of weeks ago a dog foster Mum wrote a hilariously honest adoption ad for a little Chihuahua that she described as 'demonic' and even used the sentence 'at this point he is not a real dog, but more like a vessel for a traumatized Victorian child that now haunts our home’.

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Chihuahuas have a reputation for acting a little too big for their tiny boots. It makes sense that they have overly defensive tendencies, as they have to protect their little selves somehow… think small man syndrome but they can’t buy a fancy car, so it’s even worse.

Prancer seems to be on the far end of the anti-social spectrum. As described in his adoption ad he hates all men, children, and other dogs. He shakes and snarls at everything and even nips at the ankles of passers by.

Image: Facebook

We must remember that Prancer is partly a victim of circumstance.

An older lady who previously owned him raised him as a baby, never socialised him, and gave him any food he wanted. The ad states he arrived to his foster mum with bacon and eggs in his crate. We might even speculate the older lady would show him stock photos of men and say, ‘this is our enemy Prancer, never forget!’

All of this, plus the stress of being rehomed, plus the stress of being a 3kg "dog" is a sure way to create a little monster.

The ad posted online was brutally honest in the hope to find Prancer a forever home with someone who actually knew what they were getting into.

Of course the ad went viral. The juxtaposition of a cute little face paired with the words ‘chucky doll in a dogs body’ is prime-time TV entertainment.

It’s a good thing the advert did go viral because it reached the right person; I say person but, obviously, it reached the right woman (never forget the enemy!).

According to comments on Prancer’s updated adoption ad his new Mum absolutely loves the little devil. She has already made him an Instagram page if you wish to stay up to date with Prancer’s latest antics… probably arson.

Congratulations to Prancer and his new Mum. Thanks for the laughs and hate on!

Main Image: Facebook.