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Does This TikTok Lettuce Trick Help You Sleep?

TikTok is always telling you what to do.

There’s always somebody on there giving you a hint on how to properly store a bag of chips, or what dumpling place you just have to try, or trying to make you believe that dropping a block of feta into the middle of a tray of tomatoes is somehow a meal.

Now TikToker @shapla_11 swears that if you’re having trouble sleeping this will help. Add lettuce to a mug and fill that mug with boiling water. Then all you have to do is let it sit for a little while, remove that lettuce and then enjoy your lettuce water. Next thing you know you’ll be getting drowsy and then off you drift to sleep, tummy full of warm lettuce juice.

@shapla_11if you can’t sleep, try this ##lettucewater ##insomnia ##lifehacks ##fyp♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod


Is this legit? Will dunking lettuce in boiling water really help you sleep? Well apparently lettuce contains high levels of lactucarium. Lactu-what-ium? Researchers have proven lactucarium can help relax you and make you sleepy.

This isn’t even a new thing, for a while now lettuce water and lettuce seed oil has often been used to promote a good night’s rest. So what’s the harm in giving this a go if you have trouble getting to sleep at night? What’s the worst that can happen if you try it? You waste a lettuce leaf? You look stupid in front of your partner? You have to drink a full cup of water infused with lettuce?

You may as well give it a try, what else are you going to do? Stay on your phone watching TikToks until 2am? Probably, yeah. So, flick on the kettle, grab an iceberg and have a nice sleep.