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Do You Prefer Peace And Quiet? Calls To Add ‘Silent Bookings’ To Hair Salons Grow

Requests are growing across the nation for ‘no-talking’ hair appointments. So much so that some salons are now providing pre-appointment questionnaires to ensure your comfort at the appointment.

Have you ever been to a hairdresser who has been lovely and chatty, but you were just in the mood for a bit of peace and quiet? Well, it turns out you aren’t alone.

There’s a growing interest for ‘silent appointments’ at hair salons, so much so that many salons are now offering a short questionnaire ahead of a client’s appointment to ask if they’d prefer a bit of chit-chat, or some time with their own thoughts. 

Hairdresser Ash Boughton runs AB Colour, working out of the beauty co-working space Salon Lane in Sydney’s Surry Hills, and spoke to The Guardian about the increasing prevalence and why she feels it may be on the rise. 

“The constant talk of the … pandemic really had such a negative effect on salon ambience, and the lack of positivity was draining for both clients and staff,”

“Some people just don’t want conversation. It’s really their time to zen out.”

Boughton explains that while some clients request silence ahead of their appointment, it’s also up to the hairdresser to display emotional intelligence when a client is in the chair. 

Hairdressers always take cues from the client, ensuring they don’t ruin the experience by talking too much if it’s clear the client would prefer to skip the chit-chat. 

Redmond Cliff, a salon manager for hairdressing group Edwards and Co, also backed up this statement, telling The Guardian that “Hairdressers are very good at reading people’s vibes.” He says salons are also inclusive spaces, which means some clients want, and should be able, to “stay silent and relax without talking”.

So how do you ask for a silent appointment ahead of time to avoid awkwardness?

It seems many salons if you book online, have a notes section where you can mention your preferred chit-chat to a minimum or even add a reason such as 

“Will be working on my laptop so silence is preferred!” if you want an ‘excuse’ to ask for some quiet.

But take comfort in knowing you are not alone and won’t come across as rude for asking for what you want.