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DNA Testing Shows Dug The Spud Is Not A Spud, Leaving Owner Feeling ‘Deflated’

Guinness World Records confirm Dug The Spud, is not a spud.

Following DNA testing by the Guinness World Records team, the 'world's biggest potato', which weighed 7kg+, turned out not to be a potato.  

Instead, it's actually a hybrid of a cucumber and a gourd. The news was announced on the U.Ks This Morning show. 

The owner of Dug The Spud said, 'It was a bit of a deflation to find out he wasn't a potato,'. Josie from This Morning asked Colin whether he planned on turning Dug into vodka; 'I did plan to turn him into vodka, but it'd be like barbecuing your pet lamb. Just couldn't do that!' Colin responded.