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Divorce Lawyer Sparks Debate By Claiming Men Should Always Pay For The First Date

A divorce lawyer has started a viral debate on TikTok after explaining why he thinks it's important for men to pay on the first date.

Justin Lee, from Toronto, Canada, who describes himself as a "break Up Lawyer' on" his TikTok, regularly gives relationship advice.

But his video on first date etiquette has received over half a million views as debate rages.

Lee claims men should pay on the first date, but the reason why shows love is dead.

"Your date, whoever that is, may very well be the person you end up marrying. And trust me when I say, as a divorce lawyer, who you end up marrying is so, so important," he says.

"When us guys take an issue with paying on the first date, the issue isn't tied to the number of dollars we're spending at the end of the day.

"And if it is, respectfully, you need to go get a job."

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Lee goes on to explain that the notion men should pay on the first date shows how entitled the potential partner may be.

"The issue is when we end up paying for someone who has this real sense of entitlement, like this expectation that we will pay. That's precisely why we need to always pay," he said.

"So let's say at the end of the date, you pull out your wallet, you offer to pay, and your date just sits there, expecting you to pay, as if that is the obvious course of action. In that moment, what did you just learn?

"You just learned that the person in front of you is entitled and frankly has the audacity to expect a near-stranger to pay for them."

Lee continues by saying the act shows the true nature of the person and gives a glimpse of what they may be like through the years.

"Just imagine how someone like that will treat their significant other, their spouse. For a low, low price of 20, 30, 40 dollars or whatever, you learned that the person in front of you does not have the basic courtesy to pretend to offer to pay," he added.

Lee responded to critics in a follow-up video as debate waged in the comments.

A lot of you are missing the point of the video – it's not about who actually ends up paying," He said.

"For the record, this isn't gender-specific.

"Any man or woman who feels entitled in any way toward the other is a walking red flag."