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Disneyland Shanghai Goes Into Snap Lockdown

Over 30,000 people were banned from leaving The Happiest Place On Earth after a single confirmed COVID case.

There are only 5 reasons to leave your house and that’s to get food, exercise, get tested, meet Mickey Mouse or watch the fireworks.

Health officials dressed in hazmat suits aren't usually found among Shanghai Disneyland's array of characters.

That is, until Sunday evening, when the park and its surrounding shopping centre, Disneytown, were placed on lockdown due to a single confirmed COVID-19 case.

While this unexpected lockdown would have stressed out parents, I’m sure kids were delighted at the news. Imagine being 10 and suddenly finding yourself in a bubble buddy situation with Buzz Lightyear. Hot chips and fairy floss for dinner again? Ok, If you insist.

Thousands of visitors and Disneyland employees were required to undergo coronavirus testing before being permitted to leave the park, with police blocking entrances and securing the grounds.

In a single night at Shanghai's Disneyland, health officials claim they tested nearly 34,000 people for the coronavirus.

Getting a swab in the nose can be very stressful, perhaps a full blown fireworks show would be a welcomed distraction from the discomfort.

The park said the extreme measures taken were done so to cooperate with a contact-tracing investigation after a woman who visited the park Saturday later tested positive for the coronavirus in neighboring Jiangxi province.

On Monday and Tuesday, Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown remained closed, with officials promising refunds or exchanges to any attendees affected by the closure.

While most people would consider the park's closure for a single case severe, many Chinese internet users have praised the Shanghai authorities and Disney for what they regard as a lenient, targeted, and effective response.

Further praise has come from the thousands of children who now call Donald Duck their brother.