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Desperate Brits Ready To Celebrate Easter As Christmas 2.0

Ahhh Christmas, that magical time of the year when we fell a tree, eat too much ham and try not to engage with our uncle when he makes some casually racist remarks after a few too many XXXX Golds.

Please stop calling it the 'Kung Flu', Uncle Terry, that's really not cool.

Unfortunately, for the good people of the UK, many of them missed out on celebrating Christmas last year with family due to lockdown restrictions, but the good news for them is that, just in time for the commemoration of Our Lord and Saviour throwing himself on the cross for our sins, things are now starting to look up.

This year Easter falls on April 4, just as the British government plans to ease restrictions to allow six people to meet outdoors. Sure, that doesn’t seem like a huge amount of freedom but, to put that in Jesus’ terms, that's half the apostles.

And the fun is not limited to the outdoors. Brits are taking to social media to show how they’re putting up Easter celebrations around the house and retailers are reporting that gift-giving is through the roof this year. Some Brits are even putting up Easter trees, which are basically Christmas trees covered in eggs. Setting aside the blasphemy of doing that, chocolate is a much more practical decoration than baubles. Baubles taste terrible.

To be honest though, Christmas and Easter are fun holidays to mash up. You get to wear bunny ears over the top of your little Christmas hat, you get to eat pudding and hot cross buns for dessert, plus you get to imagine the three wise men delivering a box of Cadbury Favourites instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

So, yes, it’s a pretty exciting time for the Brits – spring is on its way, COVID numbers are dropping and, for the first time ever, the Easter Bunny and Santa are coming down the chimney together to deliver presents and chocolate.

So enjoy this Christmas 2.0! And enjoy using the restrictions on the numbers you can have in your household as the perfect excuse for why Uncle Terry can’t come over this year.