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'Denial Of The Reality' - Josh Frydenberg Slams Annastacia Palaszczuk Over Closed Border Plan

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has accused the Queensland premier of denying reality after she declared border restrictions could remain until all children are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has exposed a new division in the national reopening plan, which is linked to vaccination coverage targets of 70 and 80 per cent.

The Queensland Labor leader is pledging to retain her hardline approach despite other states conceding eliminating coronavirus will be impossible.

Ms Palaszczuk called for more research about vaccinating children under 12, a practice yet to be approved anywhere in the world.

Mr Frydenberg said her claim that children would be vulnerable if the virus circulated in Queensland didn't stack up.

"It's a desperate denial of the reality and is not based on the medical advice," he told the Seven Network on Thursday.

"The medical advice is that the illnesses in kids are much less severe than what we see in adults."

Children aged 12 to 15 were added to the rollout last week following advice from the expert immunisation panel.

Victoria has dumped its goal of returning to zero cases after recording its first triple-figure daily increase in a year.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian continues to dangle the prospect of increased freedoms when vaccination targets are reached even with more than 1000 new infections a day.

The stance of Australia's most populous state is now at odds with COVID-free jurisdictions which have given soaring support to governments that eliminated the disease.

Australia has more than 19,000 active cases, including 18,000 in NSW and more than 800 in Victoria.

There are almost 1000 people in NSW hospitals, with 150 in intensive care.

Australian Medical Association president Omar Khorshid warned the health system will not cope with rising cases when the nation reopens.

"We must urgently prepare our health system before opening up and to do that we need new modelling based on our hospitals' ability to cope with the associated increase in caseload," he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, premiers and chief ministers will receive an update on how hospitals are placed at Friday's national cabinet meeting.

Epidemiologist Tony Blakely said with Victoria's case numbers would likely peak at 2000 cases a day in October.

NSW case numbers are heading in a similar direction.

"Elimination of COVID is over," Professor Blakely told the ABC.

"Yes, we now are living with the virus - I think people would have seen that coming for a week or so."

Australia has fully vaccinated 35.7 per cent of the population aged 16 and over, while 59.6 per cent have received one dose.

The national death toll is at 1012.