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Dave Grohl Flexs His Laundry List Of Hollywood Celebs He Asked To Be In His New Movie

Dave Grohl has been around for a little while, so it’s no surprise he knows some people. But will they do anything for him?

Following in the steps of the Spice Girls… Actually, we’ll start that again. Following in the steps of The Beatles, Ramones, and The Clash, the Foo Fighters have made a film! Since 1994, the Foo Fighters have been bringing us some weird and wonderful music videos, so making a horror film shouldn’t feel like too much of a stretch.

Speaking to Waleed Aly on The Project, Dave Grohl shared just how easy it was to get some of music’s biggest names to appear in their movie. Lionel Richie, who Grohl said he occasionally would text, shared that Richie was written into the film by the screenwriters, unknowing to them that Grohl knew Richie. Excited by the potential cameo, Grohl shot a text straight to Richie, saying, 'Hey Lionel, we're making a horror film. You want to be in it?', to which Richie swiftly replied, 'Absolutely, my brother'.

But it doesn’t end there. Grohl also shared that in one scene, he was meant to shred some leads, which he surprisingly can’t do as a rhythm guitar player. Fortunately for Grohl, Grammy Award-winning guitarist, composer, singer, and songwriter Steve Vai lived across the road, to whom Grohl once again shot a quick text, asking Vai to be his shredding stunt double in the film. To which Vai graciously obliged.

Watch the full interview below.