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Darren Hayes From Savage Garden Gets A Little Too Excited About The New Star Wars Hotel

Darren Hayes reveals just how obsessed he is with Star Wars

Darren Hayes from Savage Garden popped by The Project tonight to promote his upcoming tour “Do you remember”. Hayes, who appeared right after a segment announcing the new Disney World Star Wars hotel’s opening, got rather excited for the news.

Hayes shared with us that on his first date with his now-husband, they watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, on VHS. Proving his passion for Star Wars went back a lot further than the current films.

The immersive hotel sells luxury suites for as high as $A27,000 for a two-night stay. A family of four will pay about $A8200 for two nights with accommodation, meals, and entertainment included, the New York Post reported. Hayes said he would still definitely stay at the hotel, even having his husband dress up as Princess Leia to complete the experience.

Check out the full interview below