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Daniel Ricciardo Launches His Own Wine Decanter, Shaped Like His Actual F1 Boot, So You Can Shoey Too

Daniel Ricciardo entered into a wine partnership last year, the next logical step… This.

Aussie Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has announced a new, limited-edition wine decanter. What felt like a belated April’s fool joke is actually the real deal.

Ricciardo partnered with St Hugo wines last year, and to cash in on his famous post-race shoey tradition, St Hugo is releasing a glass decanter, an exact mould of Ricciardo’s actual shoes.

Described as “aerodynamic with finely tuned curves” by Daniel Ricciardo, the limited-edition Ricciardo Decanter is a replica of Ricciardo’s famed racing shoe and is crafted to deliver an exceptional experience worthy of DR3 x St Hugo.” Says the St Hugo website.

There are only 1,100 Ricciardo Decanters available; each selling for $700 each.

“Designed by Sydney-based studio Vert Design and taking 100 meticulous design-hours to complete, a limited quantity of the Ricciardo Decanter will be sold separately, individually numbered and presented in a trophy case inspired luxury display box, including a letter from Ricciardo and a certificate of authenticity.

This level of detail and craftsmanship extends to each Ricciardo Decanter, which is painstakingly hand-blown and moulded at Canberra Glassworks, producing unique individual collectors’ pieces.

Holding a standard bottle of wine, the Ricciardo Decanter is designed to ensure the optimal release of the wine’s flavours and aromas. Using a decanter will allow the wine to breathe, elevating its true character before pouring and sharing with friends.”

There is nothing like enjoying a fine bottle of red out of your favourite athlete’s sports shoe. At least this one is easily washed.