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Dan From Bastille Drops An Accidental Swear Word On Live TV

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by the letter F.

Live TV, when planned and rehearsed, can go rather well. But occasionally, you’ll have an English pop-rock front-man on, who might be overly passionate about his feelings towards their government's lockdown parties.

Dan Smith from Bastille was on The Project to promote their new album Give Me The Future. The album, which was written during the U.K, Dan says, was made wanting to get people up and dancing in their house.

Our own quick-witted Pete Helliar found it a perfect moment to jump in, advising Dan that there were a couple of gigs at 10 Downing Street that they missed out on. And the result? Well, it turns out Dan does not appreciate the British PM’s little shindigs one big!

Check out the full interview and Dan Smith’s reaction below.