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Dan Andrews' Get On The Beers Remix Left Us Thirsty For More

If you’re a Melburnian reading this, skip the next sentence. There was a music festival in Perth.

That’s right, a live, human-packed music festival took place and a DJ’s choice of song is now making the rounds on TikTok.

The viral clip was captured at the Wine Machine Festival held in Swan Valley on Saturday night.

DJ Hot Dub Time Machine can be seen remixing Premier Daniel Andrew’s pressers into a song about “gettin’ on the beers”.

The remix features lyrics like: As best we can tell, the dinner party started with one case of beers … as far as we can tell, everyone at the dinner party had a case of the beers.

Some Melburnians have responded negatively to the original uploader for making light of Victoria’s lockdown restrictions.

We assume some of those slamming the video are actually doing it out of spiteful jealousy at the scenes depicted in the clips.

Others can see the fun side. One Melbourne commenter on the video wrote, “…This is sick that they’re vibing to our fearless leader, just wish we could be with them.”

The original uploader, Hannah, reminded everyone it was all meant to be light hearted and in good fun.

It’s not the first time a politician’s words have been mashed into a hot club track. Check out some of our favourite bangers below, including this glow up of Gillard's famous misogyny speech...

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Main image: Twitter @tyson_whelan