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Dad’s Alexa Trap Brings Him TikTok Fame

What’s the point of having children if you’re not going to use them to generate viral content?

Teenagers can be pretty tough to raise what with all of their hell-raising and skateboarding and rap music with the hips and the hops. They also tend to sneak out of the house to break curfew (something that is all too relatable for Victorians and new South Welshmen this week), so one father in the US got creative.

When he noticed that his son had snuck out of the house through a window, a dad who goes by the name Rhythmlessman on TikTok decided to lay the perfect trap for when his son returned with his friends in tow.

The father set up some motion sensor cameras that would trigger Alexa to play a prerecorded message when his son came home. In the video, which has now been viewed over 13 million times on TikTok (though it’s possible many of those views were the Chinese government), we see a bunch of teenagers carefully sneaking into the house through an open window as the Mission Impossible theme music over the top (which is a lovely touch), only to be met with the terrifying, robotic sound of Alexa.

The teenager and his friends tried to sneak inside in what looks like a scene from Paranormal Activity.

"Hi Jesse,” Alex begins. “Next time just say you want to go out so you don't need to climb through a window with all your friends. I hope you had fun, were safe, and didn't cr*p your pants when I started talking.”

Jesse immediately knows he’s been caught out by his tech-savvy father as he throws his hands up in resignation. Meanwhile his friends crack up laughing with one even pulling out his phone to record Jesse’s reaction, presumably unaware that it’s all being caught on camera anyway.

Jesse sends a delightful message to his father.

"I may go viral on TikTok with this. Thanks for the content,” Alexa signs off, correctly predicting the future.

Having been beaten by the best, Jesse turn to the camera in the top corner of the room and flips it the double bird while calmly stating: “F*** you. I love you. F*** you.”

It’s a beautiful sentiment – one that I’m sure parents all over the world also feel for their own teenage children.

Is this good parenting? Yes. Is this good content? Yes. And that is the Venn Diagram we all strive for in life. Well done, Rhythmlessman.