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Dad Won’t Let His Daughter Beat Him In A Race

A father has sparked an online debate after not letting his daughter beat him in a running race.

User @itsdmills, who refers to himself as "girl dad" in his profile's bio, races against his daughter in a TikTok video posted on February 2.

It’s fair to say that the “girl dad” absolutely destroys his daughter’s track time in the race. In fact, she was so disheartened by his superior acceleration that she didn’t finish the race, she knew she had been beaten by the man she trusts most in this world.

@itsdmills I Let her win three times before this 😂😭 #foryoupage #viral #fyp ♬ original sound - 〽️ILLY GANG

It’s not great sportsmanship to not finish a race but we can see where she gets it from. When the dad realises he’s winning he starts clapping his hands and screaming all the way to the finish line.

He yells ‘Yes’ and ‘let’s go’ over his daughters tears.

He then rubs it in even further by saying to her ‘you could never!’. Honesty is obviously an important attribute for this family.

At this point he puts the race behind him and tries to comfort his daughter by asking ‘what is wrong’ but she moves away from him. He knew what was wrong anyway, that she will need a few more decades of leg day workouts to beat the family GOAT.

Itsdmmills captioned the video with ‘I let her win three times before this’.

Even with the admission of letting his daughter win, the video sparked a debate about whether the dad’s actions are the best choice.

One user wrote, “she’ll be fine” with another saying, “It builds character.”

“I’m sorry but this the type of dad ima be,” another user wrote. “Nothing easy young bull.”

Some viewers, on the other hand, said that competition between parent and child might be harmful, and that this father could destroy his child's self-esteem by not allowing her to win.

‘Build that child up, not break her down,’ one respondent says in the comments.

Another use wrote, “Don’t compete with kids.” I’d say the daughter would currently be in agreement with this user.

We wish you all the best in your upcoming arm wrestle against your father young bull. Make sure you have some tissues handy.