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Dad Accidentally Orders 60 Pairs of Reading Glasses Because He Couldn’t Read A Website

We have all ordered something online and lived to regret it, but one bloke in the UK took this buyer's remorse to a whole new level.

61-year-old Tom Arnold ordered himself a pair of reading glasses online from SpecSavers and was stumped when he opened the package that contained 60 of them.

Instead of keeping the lid on this embarrassing mishap and keeping it between himself and Specsavers, his son had other ideas.

Chris Arnold, a radio personality, found his dad’s internet shopping blunder hilarious and posted it online. The post has since gone viral, with people absolutely loving not only the adorable image of the bewildered man with his 60 pairs of glasses but also the comment section.

Chris’ tweet read: "My Dad has accidentally bought 60 pairs of reading glasses off the internet after misreading the quantity of his order."

Chris went on to explain that his dad received the package thinking the size of the box was a little excessive for one pair of reading glasses, and then he was gobsmacked when the giant box was filled to the brim with them.

Thankfully, Tom managed to get a refund from SpecSavers, who proved that they had not only a great returns policy but an excellent sense of humour.

Specsavers jokingly wrote in the online comments: "Do we even need to say it?"

Chris joked: "At this point, guys, I don't think you do. P.S. Are you interested in buying 59 pairs of reading glasses off my dad?"

SpecSavers responded lightheartedly: "If you can't shift them, you might want to consider adding an extra 118 eyes to your dad's face."

So, the bottom line is we can trust SpecSavers to be legends, but no one can trust Tom Arnold with online shopping.