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Cyclist Sues Father Who Posted Video Of Him Knocking Over Little Girl

A cyclist is suing the father of a little girl he knocked over after a video of the incident went viral.

On Christmas Day, 2020, the 62-year-old unnamed man hit a little girl with his knee while cycling past her on a footpath in Belgium.

The father of the girl, Patrick Mpasa, who was recording at the time, posted the video online.

In the video, the five-year-old girl, Neia, is standing on the footpath as the man cycles past, and falls to the ground as he knocks into her with his outstretched knee.

At the time, the girl's family said the cyclist did not stop to check if the girl was hurt and continued cycling.

The video went viral and was also published by media around the world.

Mr Mpasa said he was not looking for "revenge" by posting the video, but wanted to raise awareness about dangerous situations.

"He explained what happened and asked us to withdraw the police complaint, but he showed no remorse and did not apologise," he said.

Police found the unnamed man after the video went viral, but was not charged or fined after explaining there was not enough room for him to move on the path.

He is now suing Mr Mpasa for defamation of his character and for posting the video online without his permission.

"We have the right to express ourselves. We have the right to post or have posted a video on the internet," lawyer for Mr Mpasa, Jacques Engelbert, said.

"In this case, we must check whether we have exceeded the limits of this freedom of expression."