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Cuba’s National Zoo Gets A Baby Bump

The Pandemic Has Led To An Increase Of Births

With more free time than ever before during lockdown a lot of people found a fun way to pass the time was to get to know your partner a little better. You know, the sorts of getting-to-know-you activity that can sometimes lead to a baby nine months later. As a zoo in Cuba has found out this sort of pandemic time passing wasn’t exclusive to humans.

Cuba’s National Zoo has experienced a big baby boom thanks to the pandemic. The zoo was shut to the public for an extended period of time and all of that calm, relaxing atmosphere helped set the mood for a bunch of endangered species.

Everything from antelopes to oxen all the way through to leopards, Bengal tigers, zebras and giraffes have seen new arrivals. By not having as many visitors around them on a daily basis the animals were calmer and had more alone time. It makes sense, it’s the same for humans. It’d be hard to want to get it on if there was a tiger prowling around outside your house.

Zoo vet Rachel Ortiz said that “Although the pandemic has been negative for humans, in the case of zoos, it was beneficial.” The zoos has seen more than 10 births from “high-value species, in danger of extinction”. Makes you wonder whether every year the zoo should shut for a little bit to help the animals out romantically. Maybe whatever week Valentine’s Day falls on.

The baby giraffe and the little leopard are currently out and about and you can go see them if you want to pop into the zoo – you just have to get to Cuba first, which might be pretty hard at the moment.