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Crying Cat On Security Cam Convinces Owner To Come Home

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a cat showing emotion.

Fu Fu, a two-year-old British shorthair who calls Xuzhou, China, home, was left alone overnight by his owner Ms Meng while she was off celebrating Lunar New Year at her parents’ place.

Ms Meng checked in with Fu Fu via petcam to see how her furry friend was doing, only to see his little face over the security camera almost well up with tears because he missed her so.

Cats usually act like they could live without your love and affection. To a cat you’re a food delivery service who happens to live in their house. So when one starts tearing up over security camera and touching the screen as if it’s saying farewell on a train platform to their beloved going off to war, well, there’s really no option but to get home as soon as you possibly can.

Fu Fu turned in the performance of nine lifetimes, with the hint of tears in its big longing eyes. Fu Fu looks directly into the camera, and gives the sort of puppy dog eyes usually reserved for puppy dogs. This isn’t even my cat and I want to run to it and see if it’s okay.

Ms Meng did what we all would have done – she left her parents’ place early, cut her holiday short, no more Lunar New Year celebrations because Fu Fu was determined to make this the year of the cat.

When Ms Meng returned home she recorded Fu Fu’s happy reaction as he ran to greet her. And if we know cats as well as we think we do, this whole dramatic act was almost definitely a big ruse – odds are Fu Fu had run out of food and needed somebody to open a new can.