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Covid Couldn’t Stop The Dog Show

Who let the dogs out? No one, they were all very well behaved.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the 2020 National Dog Show went ahead in the US – with everyone social distancing and wearing masks (the humans, not the dogs). And despite only 600 dogs competing – a 70% decrease from the usual 2000 pups, it was still a very tough race.

This year’s winner was Claire the Scottish Deer Hound, the first time a Scottish Deer Hound has taken the top prize. After winning the Hound Group, Claire then went on to be Best In Show winner.

When asked why Claire had what it took to be the best, her owner explained that her prize pooch "is as wonderful on the inside as she is on the outside", which is some eye opening stuff, I had no idea the insides of the dog were part of the judging.

As for the other group winners, Jimmy the miniature American Shepard won the Herding Group. Kam the standard poodle took out the Non-Sporting Group (a group I can relate too). Teddy the English Springer Spaniel was the champion of the Sporting Group. Vinny the Wire Fox Terrier won, unsurprisingly, the Terrier Group. Chester the Affenpinscher was the hero of the Toy Group. And finally, Bowie the Portuguese Water Dog was number one in the Working Group.

There were also two debut breeds at this year’s dog show – The ‘Barbet’, which is a type of French Water Dog, also the ‘Dogo Argentino’, which is not a name I just made up, but a pack hunting Dog from Argentina.

But in the end all dogs are special, and they are all winners in our eyes.

Main image: NBC.