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COVID-19 Causing People To Reach Out To Exes

U up?

Ever wonder why you keep overhearing your long-term partner say “No you hang up” down the phone to someone else during lockdown? In salacious Sunday news, The Project can report researchers from the University of Oklahoma have discovered the global pandemic is causing a rise in people within committed relationships to reach out to old flames, just in case their current relationship burns to the ground.

It’s hot. It’s steamy. It’s morally fraught with danger. Bring in, the ‘back burner’ relationship.

Researchers studied 387 adults in long-term relationships, and at least 62% are keeping someone on the back burner just in case, despite 93% of participants claiming that their relationship is exclusive. More like exclusively open! If they’re not careful someone’s going to cop a splash of chardonnay to the face.

But if this sexy, sexy article has inspired you to reach out into the morally ambiguous world of rekindling things with an ex, heed this warning – the researchers also found that reaching out to exes while in a long term relationship with someone else leads to you feeling pretty crappy about yourself, and also the person you’re reaching out to.

So let it be known, the path is fraught with danger and terrible reminders of why you broke up in the first place.

Also, disconnect from the Bluetooth home sound-system before you make that call.