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Couples Apple Watch Notifications Are A Warning For All Smart Watch Users

Sharing locations, notes and completed exercise sessions are all part of having a smartwatch. But sometimes, you share too much information.

On Twitter, a woman named Georgia shared an embarrassing Apple Watch Notification that was sent to her whole family. 

The picture shows a notification sent to her by her brother that shows Georgia and her partner Richard finishing a ‘workout’ at the exact same time.   

The tweet implied that Georgia and Richard had just completed coitus, with their Apple Watches on, then sent the notification simultaneously.   

In retweets of the post, one user identified that Richard finished his ‘workout’ first, with another user saying, “How ppl wear apple watches during s*x is so baffling to me”.  

However, Georgia’s tweet may have all been a gag that got out of hand. In a later post, she tweeted:   

“TO BE CLEAR: this is just a little joke. My brother put his watch on later in the day and got all his notifications at once. I cannot stress enough how this is just a little joke. Please stop messaging me I NEED PEACE.”  

Either way, we are glad to see Georgia and Richard are keeping healthy, closing their exercise rings (that’s an Apple Watch term, get your mind out of the gutter), and sharing their achievements with family.