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Couple Tie The Knot On Melbourne To Sydney Flight

What a way to exit Melbourne’s snap lockdown!

Today a Virgin Australia flight from Melbourne to Sydney is hosting the airline’s very first sky wedding.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘What took them so long?! I’ve been on dozens of flights and I’ve always wondered where all the weddings were! It made me furious that the aisle wasn’t being put to good use!’

Thankfully, the lucky couple are in the clear to cross the border into New South Wales, but I would be concerned about fussy guests complaining about the airplane food.

Thankfully for their guests the very reasonable one hour and twenty minute flight time means they can duck to the airport Maccas between the wedding and reception.

And it got us thinking, if we can get married in the sky, where else in the world can you tie the knot?

Bring on the list!

This has got us saying ‘Herghgheghgshgoooo.’ That’s underwater talk for ‘I do’.

Some say getting married is like taking a plunge off a cliff. It’s not, it’s like bungee jumping off a bridge in Scotland.

Ever wanted to feel like a spider on your special day? It’s not impossible thanks to this slack-line wedding. Honestly, this whole thing feels like an OH&S nightmare.

Because love is the greatest game of all, let’s get married in the toy section of a Kmart.

And it’s not just now-a-days folk who get married in odd locations, just look at this upside down wedding from the past. Also, the sass the newscaster gives this… it’s like he knew the couple and wasn’t invited.

For more on the Melbourne to Sydney wedding check out The Project tonight on 10.