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Consent Education To Be Mandatory In Australian Schools From 2023

Today, education ministers from around the country unanimously agreed upon implementing a holistic and age-appropriate consent curriculum in schools.

The decision comes almost a year after the ‘Teach Us Consent’ campaign began, spearheaded by Chanel Contos’.

Contos started petitioning for these changes back in February 2021 following a poll she conducted with her followers about whether they experienced sexual assault at the hands of someone from an all-boys school.

The poll received 1500 views and 300 responses — 203 of which voted yes.

The poll results led her to begin a petition, which she then presented to MPs around the country to advocate for sexual and consent education to be introduced into the school curriculum earlier.

The curriculum will incorporate many facets of sexual education, ranging from power imbalances and coercion to gendered stereotypes, examining how these play a role in shaping sexual experiences.

Contos’ “Teach Us Consent” campaign posted the news to their social media, overwhelmed with pride and gratitude to everyone who supported, volunteered and rallied for the change. 

The curriculum is set to roll out through 2023 across all Australian schools.