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Colds Return! New ‘Super Cold’ Being Reported Across Australia

Thousands of Aussies have reported suffering horrendous ‘super cold’ symptoms, but it isn’t COVID. So how can you tell the difference?

The virus dubbed the “super cold”, has been striking down Aussies with a ferocity similar to COVID-19.

The familiarity of symptoms leaves many to initially suspect a Covid diagnosis; however subsequent testing continually returns negative results.

Dr Ian Mackay, a virologist from the University of Queensland, said the traditional belief that respiratory illnesses were caused by colder weather had been challenged in the wake of Covid.

“Clearly, they’re not seasonal. It’s more about how much of the population’s immunity is up to speed with defending against them … because when it’s low, these viruses can do what they like, whenever they like,” Dr Mackay previously told Sydney Morning Herald.

Many sufferers report a “sandpaper throat”, head and body aches, runny nose and fatigue, with the illness sometimes lasting weeks.

However, a key difference is that COVID typically comes with a reduction in the sense of smell and taste, whereas the super cold fortunately does not impact these senses.