City Of Kyle Seeks Visitors Named Kyle To Break World Record

The Texas city of Kyle has announced that it will take another stab at the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people with the same name as they prepare for the “Gathering of the Kyles”.

The Kyle gathering will be held on May 18 as part of the annual Kyle Fair at Lake Kyle Park.

Last year, they managed to attract 1,490 Kyles to the region when the city attempted to dethrone current record holder Bosnia and Herzegovina, who managed to corral 2,325 Ivans into one spot in 2017. 

The City of Austin, Texas, hosted another failed attempt at the record in February, with the “Ryan Rodeo” bringing together people named Ryan falling short of the Balkan Ivans. 

So, could the Kyles pull it off? Well, with all the publicity, it’s entirely possible that this could be their year.

Maybe get Monster energy drinks to sponsor the event. Kyles love a Monster, that’ll bring them all to the yard.