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Chinese City Shanghai To Lockdown 26 Million People In Phases As COVID Begins To Spread

The major Chinese city of Shanghai will go into a phased lockdown as authorities try to battle an increasing number of the COVID-19 cases.

Shanghai, which has a population of just over 26 million people, will be divided into two.

The east side of the city-dividing Huangpu River will be locked down from March 28 to April 1.

Districts to the west will go into lockdown between April 1 and 5.

Residents will also be tested during their lockdown periods.

""The public is asked to support, understand and cooperate with the city'scity's epidemic prevention and control work,"" the government said.

The city'scity's public transport system will also be shut down over the lockdown period. Cars that are not authorised to be on the road during lockdown will also be banned.

Only working from home will be permitted, and factories will suspend manufacturing.

It comes as the city recorded 2,631 new asymptomatic cases in one day, a new record for the city. The number also accounts for 60 per cent of China's asymptomatic cases.