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China Incentivising Vaccine Jab With Free Eggs

As we all know, a lot of people live in China. 1.4 billion, in fact.

That’s an enormous number to get vaccinated ASAP. They’ve even set an ambitious target of having 40 per cent of the population immunised by June.

So what’s the best way to entice people into getting the jab, if not for protection against a worldwide pandemic? Eggs, of course!

There are reports coming out of Beijing of a poster being shared on social media platform, Weibo, saying if you’re over 60 and vaccinated you can have two cartons of eggs for free. 24 eggs?! Age me up, vax me up, and sign me up!

Even local grocery stores are offering a box of veggies for only 5 yuan if you’ve had the jab. What a deal!

As of the 14th of April, 179,216,000 doses have been administered in China, so with or without the eggs, something’s happening. Or there are a lot of exhausted chickens.

And China isn't the only country with incentives for the jab. Over in the United States companies are taking matters into their own hands to encourage Americans to play their part. In the past 24 hours, Budweiser released a commercial called ‘Reunited with Buds’ and is offering free beer to the vaccinated.

And Krispy Kreme in the US are giving away a free donut every day through to the end of 2021 to anyone who shows their vaccination card.

So as Australia fumbles its vaccine rollout, maybe we need to get a sausage sizzle going to really fire this thing up.